Pool grill


This is a pretty famous photo. At least, I think it is. I first saw it years ago. It usually appears with captions like “Darwin awards”, “What stupid looks like”, “Rednecks grill”, etc.

The assumption seems to be that these are Americans using an electric grill in the pool.

Without doing any further research, there are some problems with that assumption. The surroundings don’t look particularly American to me, and the people don’t look especially like rednecks (the man sitting in the pool actually looks very European). Also, while the grill itself is plugged in, it’s not actually being used, and there is no food in the photo at all.

Eventually I became inspired to look up the details. It wasn’t very hard to find this forum thread, that links to this gallery page. It’s not very organized, but it includes several photos of a group of friends from Germany, horsing around in an inflatable pool in front of an office building. They bring the grill in the pool, plug it in, and even pretend to prepare food on it.

Another detail that came up in the forum thread is that the receptacles in the photo are European, not American. No one mentioned the beers, but if I knew more about that, I would probably be able to tell if those beers are typically European or American. In the main photo, the left-most bottle on the table could be a Tuborg Red perhaps.